The Energy Dialogues

June 12 – 14 | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm | Booth #7004, BMO Hall D, Stampede Park

Global Petroleum Show is pleased to present a new speaker series featuring an array of brilliant thought leaders who have come together to share their ideas, opinions and expertise on a variety of topics facing tomorrow’s energy sectors. The topics are as diverse as the invited speakers and intended to be thought-provoking – perhaps even controversial, but one thing is for certain: the audience will be completely immersed in The Energy Dialogues taking place at this year’s Global Petroleum Show.

The purpose of The Energy Dialogues is to answer just two questions: What is a global sustainable energy future strategy? And more importantly; How do we plan and implement a global sustainable energy strategy? Every person in the world seeks and deserves affordable energy; but with today’s current technologies and resources, the financial and environmental costs of implementation are impractical; leaving it impossible to achieve affordable energy for all. There is no single resolution that reaches a sustainable energy solution, so we seek to bridge science, government regulation, financial investment and shifting public opinion.