SRC Technology & Innovation Theatre


Get fresh insights from R&D and technology experts at the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and special guest presenters about the latest enhanced oil recovery innovations, how industry will benefit from a new emissions technology testing and demonstration mobile platform, real-world case studies about new industry technologies and more.

You’ll learn about the innovations and collaborations that are driving change and creating new opportunities for the industry. These presentations are for business and technical professionals across the energy sector who are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase production, meet regulatory requirements and sustainably operate.

SRC is one of Canada’s leading providers of R&D and technology commercialization. Our multi-disciplinary team of science and technology professionals have a wide range of oil and gas knowledge and applied expertise. Combine our people with our world-class facilities and laboratories and you get one of the most robust science and technology service providers for resource industries.

June 12-14, 2018 | Booth 1212, Hall ABC

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