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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 11 - 13, 2019
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award acknowledges an individual whose efforts have propelled their organization to excellence and ensured the ongoing success of the energy industry. The nominees truly standout in terms of leadership, strategic thinking and the pursuit of excellence in their field. The winner of the 2018 Leadership Award went to Minister Pedro Joaquín Coldwell for his commitment to evolving the energy industry in Mexico by developing the reform package which ended the state monopoly in the sector as well has made a significant impact both domestically and internationally.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award recognizes the industry's efforts in contributing to the betterment of the wider community which is directly linked to the oil & gas industry, and in which the organization operates. Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. was chosen as the 2018 winner because of their numerous campaigns to help their community. Initiatives include a winter clothing drive for the Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society, sponsoring ads in the Kids Safe and Drug and Addiction magazine, participating in the Putt FORE Charity with Calfrac, sponsoring the Will for Riding Foundations Therapeutic riding program as well as sponsoring local Pee Wee hockey tournaments and rodeo events.

During the holiday season over the past few years, Tamarack staff have facilitated a project to raise funds for local families in need. They identified three families, who needed their support and whose situations were confirmed by authorities. In total, they raised over $10,000 for this project. $5,000 was raised by Tamarack employees and $5,000 was matched by Tamarack’s management team. Their staff of 40 individuals were able to achieve this. From the total, they donated $1,300 each to Inn From The Cold, the Calgary Womens’ Shelter, and The Calgary Food Bank. The employees at Tamarack were committed to helping these families; their generous spirit provided a great deal of support over the holiday season. Their CEO and a staff member personally delivered the gifts to each family.

Indigenous Engagement

The Indigenous Engagement Award was sponsored by GuildOne which recognizes an organization or national indigenous community that has demonstrated best efforts and success in engaging consultation, business development opportunities or community development. The winner of the 2018 Indigenous Engagement Award went to Pimee Well Servicing LP because it is not only First Nation owned, but 94% of their employees are indigenous and members of local communities.

Pimee Well Services is not only owned by six First Nations: Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Frog Lake First Nation, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation, Saddle Lake Cree Nation and Whitefish (Goodfish) Lake First Nation but they also vested in building on its strengths and maximizing opportunities with their partnerships in the oil industry. They also reinvest back into each community to help support community well-being and to improve the quality of life for their people. Today, Pimee Well Services has fourteen rigs and 125 full time employees and has succeeded to create employment for member Shareholder Nations in which 92% of the employees come from surrounding Aboriginal communities.

Innovation in Technologies - Equipment

The Innovation in Technologies - Equipment Award recognizes high disruptive innovations that have a major impact on energy efficiency, emissions, economics, schedule or quality. Saudi Aramco EXPEC Advanced Research Centre (EXPEC ARC) was selected as the 2018 winner of the category because of their robotized seismic seafloor acquisition system called SpiceRack™ in which they collaborated with Seabed GeoSolutions. This technology is a fully automated disruptive technology which will revolutionize the way that the industry will conduct ocean bottom seismic acquisition by adopting robotic solutions.​  It is able to operate from 30m to 3000m of water depth and is able to operate in congested areas with oil and gas production facilities. It is also the first worldwide autonomous underwater vehicle based seismic acquisition survey system.

Conventional Seafloor seismic acquisition is using seismic sensors positioned on the seafloor which are either attached to cables/ropes or are standalone (cableless) sensors (nodes). For the cable type deployment and retrieval, multiple vessels are required which make the cost of these type surveys prohibitively expensive. Also, deploying and retrieving cabled sensors takes more field crew time and thus more exposure to unsafe field operations and for the deployment and retrieval of nodal (standalone) sensors a Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) is required which increases the total duration of such surveys, and thus increases significantly acquisition costs. The SpiceRack™ is a disruptive technology which uses robotization and automation for the deployment and retrieval of autonomous underwater vehicles as seismic sensors. Therefore, by introducing automation in the seafloor acquisition they expect to reduce cost by 30% and increase productivity by 50%.

Innovation in Technologies - Process Controls

The Innovation in Technologies - Process Controls Award recognizes a project, product or service specific to controls that make a positive impact to the industry. Amros Corporation won the Process 2018 Process Controls Award because they developed a technology that uses standard open-hole log data to calculate Production Profile that shows predicted production along the entire well. This new information shows that the best producing formations are distributed sporadically with different orientation. This is very significant difference between shale fields and classical conventional reservoirs. The mapping of these best spots is a key to optimization shale plays development.

Traditional formation evaluation in shale plays has been inefficient. According to industry experts, up to 95% of shale oil is left in the ground and two thirds of hydraulic fracturing stages do not produce commercially. Applying Amros technology that separates good and bad zones radically decreases development cost and increases production and recovery efficiency. Improvements in recovery efficiency could be equal to discovering huge new oil fields.

Innovation in Technologies - Digital

The Innovation in Technologies - Digital Award recognizes new digital technologies which are designed to support or drive the energy industry. The 2018 category winner was Moblize because they are the leading provider of Bid Data Analytics which speed up the process for companies to get up and running in 10 days vs. 9 months and can get ROI in 90 days instead of a year from now.

While the world is focused on applying machine learning/big data on making machines smarter, Moblize applied the same to make humans smarter (i.e. augmenting human intelligence) via a ground up software as a service called the ProMPT Platform which provided end to end analytics. The data analytics value chain encompasses the following:

  • Problem definition
  • Solution design
  • Data preparation/integration
  • Analysis execution
  • Interpretation
  • Presentation
  • Change management of stakeholders

Their ProMPT Platform covers all these areas. Traditionally an engineer has to decide on which BHA to select and would have to download data from multiple applications, upload in excel, clean the data/prepare it to analyze and make a decision which will take two hours a day. The ProMPT Platform completes all the above automatically and the engineer only has to make decisions which will reduce that time to five minutes. Today a typical engineer is overloaded with work due to highly inefficient daily workflows responsible for daily tasks. Due to time constraints, decisions are often made on intuition instead of facts which can lead to overlooking opportunities and under estimating risks. Engineering teams required a software platform which can allow them to do more with less, collapse inefficiencies in daily workflows so they can spend time where it is truly needed – engineering. Moblize gave them that, a platform that started as a single source of truth to enable drilling engineers to complete all daily planning-operations-post well analysis-reporting.

Health and Safety

The Health & Safety Award acknowledges new technologies which contribute to enhancing the overall HSE record of the energy industry. Blackline Safety was presented the 2018 Health & Safety Award because they have developed the world’s first ‘everything’ detector in real-time. Gone are the days of traditional gas detectors that functioned like smoke alarms, notifying only the wearer and those in earshot of a dangerous environment. G7c is the world's first 3G-connected gas detector with modular gas detection and integrated lone worker monitoring capabilities. In the event of an emergency, G7c wirelessly connects team members with live monitoring personnel to mobilize and manage the fastest possible emergency responses. G7c offers 3G communication in over 100 countries.

Blackline designed G7c to address every facet of an energy company's safety program. Their technology automatically watches over team members and calls for help, even when the employee can't. Potential fall and no-motion events automatically trigger a pending alarm, asking the employee to confirm that he or she is OK. Without a confirmation, G7c will communicates an alert to live monitoring personnel. G7c's red SOS latch lets the employee manually trigger a call for help when assistance is required, automatically connecting the worker to a monitoring team. Blackline’s live web-based monitoring software is a monitoring portal at the heart of the G7c system. Employee-worn devices can be easily configured for specific work environments. Emergency response protocols and device settings are easily configured in user accounts, and provide monitoring personnel with the information necessary to manage an optimized emergency response.

Emerging Clean Technologies

The Emerging Clean Technologies Award is specific to non-renewable resources and is focused on innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including Co2 and methane, in the fossil energy industry. CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies was chosen as the 2018 winner because of their simple and cost-effective energy solution that can be used immediately by industries, government, utilities as well as homeowners all while creating a pure, safe, stable, non-toxic, valuable by-product.

With a robust natural gas industry serving the heating needs of Canadians in a cost-effective manner, and with the majority of existing buildings attached to the natural gas distribution network, the buildings industry needs a solution for reducing GHG emissions that allows them to keep their existing heating equipment and utilize the inexpensive natural gas resource. CleanO2 has invented exactly such a system that attaches to the exhaust side of gas-fired heating appliance to scrub CO2 out of the flue gases while allowing building owners to keep their existing heating systems. CleanO2 is a:

  • Carbon Capture and Conversion Solution - Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% Capture ratio is limited to location infrastructure and not to the capture/conversion process. The capture process produces a by-product that is itself a marketable product. The by-product collection and sale represents a stable and cash positive means of carbon capture with minimal post processing.
  • The CARBiNX system incorporates heat recovery from the flue gases and saves building owners up to 20% in energy costs by pre-heating the domestic hot water. In addition to the recovery of heat from the exhaust from the building heating system, heat is also recovered from the capture of carbon dioxide from the exhaust which is an exothermic reaction which adds to heat recovery; Increases municipal water temperature from 5-10°C to 40-50°C
  • By-Product Sales and Profit Sharing - Customers share in profits from the sale of carbon conversion by-products 50:50 until payback achieved, approximately 2 - 3 years CleanO2 coordinates chemical recharging and by-product collection logistics Modification of existing low-risk technology solutions.
  • Cost effective implementation and operation expenses - Payback is usually achieved in approximately two years and life cycle (under warranty) is 20 years. The CleanO2 system could reduce exposure to the Carbon Levies. Cost/tonne captured is approx. $14.94/tonneCO2 - however, by selling the by-product through a chemicals handling company, the cost of capture is actually negative.

Environmental Excellence

The Environmental Excellence Award serves to recognize any efforts, initiatives or technological advancements that have minimized or eliminated the environmental footprint of the oil and gas industry. The 2018 Environmental Excellence Award was presented to Modern Resources for their  innovative solutions to reduce GHG Emissions all while improving safety and costs. Their wellsite facilities have been developed to be the industry leader in low emissions.

Being a leader in environmental development in the oil and gas industry is one aspect that Modern is very passionate about and keeping their emissions as low as possible continues to be key part of their innovative strategy. Fugitive (methane) emissions and CO2 emissions are two of the primary concerns in the environmental development of oil and gas and Modern is taking a direct approach to reduce these emissions. Their team has made many forward-looking changes to the way they conduct business to be the front-runner in this area.

Leadership in Environmental Performance is a Modern Founding Principle. Their objective is emission reduction at every step such as:

  • Drilling
  • Natural Gas Fueled Rigs
  • Completions
  • Testing to Pipeline
  • Production - Modern Ultra-Low Emission (“MULE”) Sites
  • Methanol Powered Fuel Cells
  • Electric Powered Injector Pumps
  • Electric Powered Process Controls
  • Gas Plant
  • Compressor Heat Recovery

Suzanne West Honorary Award

There are rare moments in time when some individuals shine.  They come along unexpectedly and have a profound effect on us; they become a legend in their area of expertise. To some they are controversial, to others they are heroes; but, regardless, no one can deny that they have an ongoing influence on their field long after they have left.

This year we lost such a pioneer in the oil and gas industry – Suzanne West.  As an Oil and Gas CEO, Suzanne had a drive for environmental excellence over operational perfection of an imperfect system. She transformed our thinking from being satisfied with merely optimizing current processes to believing that we can indeed have an entirely different kind of oil and gas company -- one that can be profitable and change our processes to reduce water and energy in production. She showed us that striving for efficiency alone was not generating the effective stewardship of our resources that is required for a sustainable industry.

Rather than take the easy way out, waiting for someone else to lead the way, Suzanne left us with the legacy message that we should always focus on:

Planet, People, and then Profit to be truly sustainable.

Ultimately Suzanne not only believed, but actively demonstrated that we could deliver what she called “clean hydrocarbons”.

When the judging committee heard the sad news of Suzanne’s passing,  their immediate and unanimous resolve was to find a way for her legacy to be continued. It was agreed, with the support of the West family, Imaginea and dmg events, that the Environmental Excellence Award category is renamed as the Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award.

The 2018 GPS Awards were a huge success and we are looking forward to the initiatives, projects and technologies which will be celebrated in 2019.