H2S Gas Removal Technology

  • Knowledge Bar - Clean Technology
  • 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Macrotek Inc. is a global air pollution control company that has extensive experience in the petroleum industry with international projects in the Canadian Oil Sands, South America, and Middle East. Macrotek has now developed an innovative technology called SULFCAT® that efficiently removes Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) from a variety of industrial gas streams, including natural gas deposits, overhead gases, and anaerobic processes.

The extremely hazardous and corrosive nature of H2S makes it necessary to scrub the gas from these processes. SULFCAT uses a non-hazardous, regenerative reagent to remove H2S from industrial gas streams while minimizing operating costs.

The SULFCAT process dramatically reduces the consumable reagent and water requirements when compared to competing technologies. It also significantly lowers wastewater treatment costs and generates a marketable by-product (elemental sulfur). Emissions of H2S are removed at levels greater than 99% and the process can be configured to remove H2S down to <1ppm if needed.

SULFCAT is particularly applicable to the petroleum industry where high pressures, high H2S concentration, and combustible gases are present. In these applications, the process gas is only in contact with the absorber vessel. A separate oxidation vessel and filtration unit are supplied for the regeneration of the catalyst and removal of sulfur from the process.