Vladimir Ingerman

President at Amros Corporation

Dr. Vladimir G. Ingerman, who holds an MS in Geophysical Methods from Oil Institute of Grozny, a PhD in Oil Field Development from National Science Research Institute of Natural Gas, and a Doctorate of Technical Science from Institute of Oil, Chemical, and Gas Industries, has over 30 years of experience in the energy sector across the US, Russia, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Denmark.   He was Vice President of Tyumenneftegeophysica (the second largest geophysical company in former Soviet Union). In this company he created, implemented, and supported software for processing log data, which was used for more than half a million wells; made petrophysical zonations for Western Siberia that included dozens oil, gas and gas-condensate fields. He also worked for Halliburton and Schlumberger in the United States and provided formation evaluation consulting services for many oil companies, including Amoco, Shell International, El Paso, Mobil, Maersk Oil, W&T Offshore and others.  Over the years, international and domestic experience in the evaluation of clastics and carbonates, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, interpretation of open and cased hole logs and integration with geological, CCAL, SCAL, geophysical, and engineering data to build static and dynamic models. He has worked from exploration to integrated field studies and from operations to data management, database optimization, and software development.   As the founder and president of Amros Corporation with proprietary technology for calculating production profiles and completions optimizations for shale oil deposits, he has developed a new way of looking at the same data that everyone else sees, but in a way that no one else can; a powerful and effective innovation decades in the making. The technology was recognized as a finalist for the World Oil Awards 2016 in the category New Horizons Idea.