TJ Wheeler

Adviser at ConocoPhillips

Thomas James Wheeler (TJ) currently works as a Reservoir Engineering Fellow (Advisor Recovery Processes) in the Reservoir Engineering Services group at ConocoPhillips.  TJ holds a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Economics and Finance from New Mexico State University.   In addition, TJ has completed a citation program in Geostatistics from the Centre for Computational Geostatistics at the University of Alberta, Canada.TJ started his career with ExxonMobil in 1992 and joined ConocoPhillips in 2000.  Throughout his career, TJ has worked in primary oil and gas production, water flooding, miscible CO2 and miscible N2 floods, and heavy oil development, including working ConocoPhillips Athabasca Oilsands projects from 2002 through 2007.  TJ joined ConocoPhillips Heavy Oil Technology group and assumed the role of Manager, Heavy Oil Technology for ConocoPhillips in May of 2012.  The group was merged into ConocoPhillips Reservoir Engineering Services organization in October of 2015 and TJ moved into his current role where he continues to support ConocoPhillips heavy oil interests.  TJ is a named inventor on 36 patents and patent applications related to heavy oil recovery.In his off time, TJ enjoys working out, good food, photography, skiing and traveling.