Rodrigo Hernández Ordoñez

Deputy Director General of Hydrocarbons Sector Administration at SENER

He is a Geophysics Engineer from National University of Mexico (UNAM, for its Spanish abbreviation), afterwards he obtained a Master in Science, in Structural Geology and Tectonics.He was a visiting researcher at the Higher Council of Scientific Researches (CSIC) in Spain regarding salt tectonics.He worked for several years in the Exploration Division at Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), in the National Center of Seismic Processing, and afterwards in reviewing the exploration technologies at the Management and Technology Transfer Office.After participating in several projects for the private sector, he joined in 2008 to the Ministry of Energy, where he has served on several Mexican Government boards and committees to regulate the hydrocarbon exploration and extraction sector.He is a professor of the Reservoir’s Geology and Oil Exploitation Geology subjects at UNAM in the Petroleum Engineering program.In April 2016 he was elected by the President of the Republic to integrate the list of candidates sent to the Senate to select a new Commissioner of the National Hydrocarbons Commission.He is currently the Deputy Director General of Hydrocarbons Sector Administration in the Ministry of Energy, within his main functions are to collaborate in the selection of areas to be tendered, the follow-up of Oil Assignments, and to participate technically with the National Hydrocarbons Commission and the oil operators, in the development of the oil industry in Mexico.