Quinn Holtby

Founder, Owner and CEO at Katch Kan Limited

Quinn Holtby is the Founder, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Katch Kan Limited, a company that has an impressive track record of successful innovation to facilitate protecting lives and Mother Earth. Quinn Holtby began working on drilling rigs in the late 1970’s as a roughneck. He quickly worked his way up to a drilling position and drilled for several years on a wide variety of rigs. In 1986, after witnessing many near fatal accidents, mostly as a result of the slippery work conditions due to uncontrolled fluid discharge on the drill floor, Quinn decided to do something about it. Giving up a successful career in drilling, he decided to pursue his ideas of minimizing accidents on the drill floor while at the same time protecting the environment. Since then, Quinn has pioneered – and continues to pioneer – an extensive array of leading-edge products and services that are fast becoming recognized industry standards by improving safety and environmental responsibility while minimizing risk and maximizing performance. Quinn was recognized with the following awards:2015 Oil & Gas Award Canada – Industry Leader, Recipient 2015 Manning Awards Innovation, Candidate 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Energy Services Award, Recipient 2014 CETAC-West, Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, Recipient 2013 Governor General’s Visit Medallion 2004 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist 2002 EnCana Global Champion Recognition 2000 Manning Award for Innovation, Recipient