Bonnie DuPont

Board Chair, Human Resources, Safety and Governance at Bird Construction

Ms. DuPont is a senior Canadian business leader in the Province of Alberta.  She serves as a Director in the Canadian transportation and construction industries, and has served as a corporate executive and Director in the energy, agricultural and academic fields. She is well known as a woman who has frequently been the first woman at either the Board table or in a senior leadership position of an organization.  She is described as a trailblazer, and a pioneer.  She shatters glass ceilings and makes it possible for other women to achieve through her example and mentorship, and while she is frequently the “first”, she has made sure she is not the last. From a professional/corporate perspective, she is perhaps best known for her role as Group Vice President, Corporate Resources (1997 to 2010) with Enbridge Inc., a role in which she was responsible for Information Technology, Public & Government Affairs, Human Resources, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.  It was during this period that Enbridge achieved its greatest growth and expansion, and developed its stellar reputation. Ms. DuPont advocated for an advanced organizational culture, which included a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, and excellence in governance and human resources.  During her tenure as the leader of these areas, Enbridge was recognized many times for establishing and leading best practices.  She frequently served as the spokesperson for the company, addressing the relationship between organizational culture and company success, both in the press and at conferences (See Attachment #2 for a sample of Speeches and Presentations). Prior to joining Enbridge, Ms. DuPont’s progressive executive career spanned 20 years,  in both energy and the Canadian agricultural industry.  She served with the Saskatchewan Power Corporation and with two heritage grain companies (Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and Alberta Pool) that eventually formed Viterra Inc. (VT:TSX) Ms. DuPont continues to advocate for best practices in corporate governance and especially in the area of the management of human capital.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences and instructs in the Directors Education Programs on the role of Governance and Human Resources Committees at three Western Canadian Universities, the Universities of Calgary, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  In addition, she teaches programs on the role of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, and is often called upon as a guest speaker or panelist on Corporate Governance issues.   She is the National Academic Director in the Human Resources area for the Institute of Corporate Directors. Bonnie DuPont is recognized as a leader in the field of Strategic Human Capital Management and has worked tirelessly to raise the consciousness of corporate and Board colleagues about the benefits of well executed Human Resources and Organizational Development strategies.  From her early career as a practitioner to her later career as a leader and executive to her role as a Board member, Bonnie has led the charge to assure that organizations understand the value of the human capital.  In her early days of pioneering succession management and developing strategies for a ‘learning organization’, Bonnie proved herself a valuable resource to the organizations in which she served.