Here are instructions on how to log back into your existing registration to add ticket items.

  1. Log in to your connect me dashboard here:
  2. Click view details under registration tools.
  3. Click payment information on the left toolbar.
  4. Click edit information button at the top right corner.
  5. Your registration category will show as you selected it when you started your registration, you have the opportunity to change it, or click save changes to move to the next page for registration options (tickets).
  6. On the registration options page, please add any ticket items you wish.
    Click save changes.
  7. You will then be prompted to pay for the additional tickets you wish to purchase.
    Click process payment.
  8. You have now completed your registration.

Note: if you are already registered, you will not have the option to add a discount code. If you have a discount code, please contact Jessy Zhao to have a discount code applied to your additional ticket item.

Still have questions? Contact Jessy Zhao