In keeping with the latest developments across the oil and gas industry, Global Petroleum Show Exhibition and Conference will once again take a leadership position with the introduction of a dedicated digital oilfiield zone that covers a range of new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning, Edge Computing and Blockchain technology across the oil and gas industry.

With cutting edge start-ups, SME’s and tech-giants all involved with bringing about and accelerating the transition of the 4th industrial revolution, the advent of a second digital age is upon us and the time to adapt, adopt and implement the wave of new technological advances that will unleash unparalleled productivity and significantly boost performance, is now.

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Why Digital Oilfield Zone?

  • Over the next 3 to 5 years 50% of oil and gas companies plan to spend more (36%) or significantly more (14%) on digital technologies including cloud-enabled mobility, Big Data-powered analytics & Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Digital Oilfield Zone offers a limited number of companies a unique opportunity to showcase their products putting their brand if front of key industry players & decision makers from 115 countries.

How digitalisation can benefit the oil and gas industry?

  • Planning & Forecasting
    On a macro scale, deep machine learning can help increase awareness of macroeconomic trends to drive investment decisions in exploration and production.
  • Reduce the cost of risk
    Artificial Intelligence can help optimise drilling operations by driving decisions such as direction and speed in real time, and it can predict failure of equipment such as semi-submersible pumps (ESPs) to reduce unplanned downtime and equipment costs.
  • Well reservoir facility management
    Artificial Intelligence can help to create tools that allow asset teams to build professional understanding and identify opportunities to improve operational performance. AI techniques can also be applied in other activities such as reservoir characterization, modeling and field surveillance. Fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks and expert systems are used extensively across the industry to accurately characterize reservoirs in order to attain optimum production level.
  • Predictive maintenance
    AI-powered software and sensor hardware enables us to use very large amounts of data to gain real-time responses on the best future course of action. With predictive analytics and cognitive security, for example, oil and gas companies can operate equipment safely and securely while receiving recommendations on how to avoid future equipment failure or mediate potential security breaches.
  • Remote logistics
    AI-enhanced drones can be used to deliver materials to remote offshore locations.

Who Attends?

IT decision makers – CIO, CTO & CSO Developers & designers

Heads of innovation

Brand managers

Data analysts and scientists

Start-ups and innovators

Tech providers, Data Evangelists

Venture capitalists

Government representatives Consultants

Servicing Companies

IT students, AI Trainers

Machine Learning Engineers AI Interaction Designer Data


Robotics Process Analyst Digital Knowledge Manager Cognitive


AI Interaction Designer Chief AI Officers

Current Exhibitors Include:

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