How To Submit

Entering GPS Awards

  • Organizations are invited to submit entries for their chosen categories through self-nomination process.
  • If your organization enters the GPS Awards and is chosen as a finalist by the Awards Judges, a representative from your organization MUST attend the ceremony. Please review the costs, including travel, for attending the Awards and plan your budgets appropriately.
  • Organizations that enter the awards automatically receive a complimentary visitor pass to attend Global Petroleum Show held immediately preceding the awards ceremony.
  • Ensure you prepare senior executives that if your company is honored as a finalist, they may wish to represent your organization at the ceremony. There is an opportunity to say a few words if you are the award recipient. As such you may wish to have these prepared ahead of time.

Preparing your Award Entry

  • You may enter multiple times however each entry must be submitted separately and you should make each submission specific to that award and different from the last entry.
  • When preparing your submissions, keep in mind the limit per criteria point is 500 words.
  • Bullet format may be used to keep your entry concise.
  • In cases where the committee may find one or two finalists are a tie, it is normal to use measured outcomes/ market uptake as a differentiating criteria. As such, nominees are encouraged to provide specifics of any sales or market uptake where possible.
  • When filling our your submission:
    • Clearly state the category and they company/individual that you are submitting for.
    • Provide a brief overview/corporate bio of your company.
    • Where possible, add links within submission to recent examples of work.

Supporting Documents

You may attach supporting documents to your submission, such as:

  • Client testimonials
  • News/media features and editorials
  • Product/project specific corporate collateral
  • Photography (3 photos maximum)
  • Web links and links to videos
  • PowerPoint presentations (printed or USB) or video files will NOT be accepted

When attaching your supporting documents, please consider the length and category criteria. There should be no more than 4 pages of supporting documents.

Submission Period

Sept. 25, 2017 – Feb. 28, 2018
Nomination forms are open for entry. The deadline to Submit is February 28, 2018. Once the entries submission deadline is passed, all the entries received will be checked for validity against the submission criteria and guidelines in order to move onto the next stage.

Preliminary Review

Mar. 2, 2018 – Apr. 15, 2018
Judges will evaluate each category, the scores will be tabulated and the top three or six entries in each category will be shortlisted. The shortlist will be announced on April 15, 2018. Shortlisted nominees may be required to submit addition information prior to April 20, 2018.

Final Review

Apr. 16, 2018 - May 2, 2018
The shortlisted entries will have an opportunity to develop a more detailed document of their project/initiative which will be presented to all the judges at the Judging Panel Meeting in May where the Winners will be decided and kept confidential until the Awards Gala on June 12, 2018.